Maurice HECKMANN and his family invite you to visit our winery in Dahlenheim, a small wine-growing town located 20 kms west of Strasbourg, at the beginning of the wine tourist road through the wine-growing region.

Maison Heckmann


In the 1960’s, family farms depended on a diversity of crops to survive.
At that time, wine-growing made up only a small part of their business. The wine produced was purchased by dealers.
It was Alphonse, the family patriarch, who, around 1970, steered the business toward direct marketing and gradually increased the land holdings.

In 1982, following his studies at the technical institute for wine-growing in Beaune, Maurice teamed up with his father and put into practice the knowledge he had acquired in school.

In 1988, he took over the winery, which has continued to flourish, built a new wine cellar, and renovated and updated the infrastructure to better meet his needs. Today, the vineyard stands on 9 hectares (22 acres) straddling the townships of Dahlenheim and Avolsheim.

Our vineyard

Our vineyard covers just over 10 hectares (22 acres) extending across two townships: Dahlenheim and Avolsheim. The 7 varieties of Alsatian vines are represented on our property.


  • Sylvaner 8 %
  • Riesling 35 % of which is Grand Cru Engelberg
  • Auxerrois 15 %
  • Pinot noir 15 %
  • Pinot Gris 12 %
  • Gewurztraminer 12 %
  • Muscat 3 %

Our soil is basically limestone-marl in character

Attentive care, high standards and an enduring tradition are the keys to obtaining high quality wine, and Maurice Heckmann has taken them to heart. This is his approach to caring for his vines and he is passionate about his wine-making, all the while showing the utmost respect for Mother Nature and the environment.

The combination of these characteristics translates into wines that are tangy, supple and full-bodied, that maintain a fine balance and are our pride and joy. In essence, they reflect the character of the wine-grower: authentic.

Famille Heckmann