Along the seasons

Along the seasons - Winter



Pruning is done from the end of November through March, when the vine is naturally dormant. Known as single or double Guyot, it consists of leaving 1 or 2 stalks, depending on the health of the vine stock, so as to obtain consistent levels of production and quality.


After pruning, the stalks are folded over the top trellis wire and then attached to the lower wire. The resulting bend produces a uniform emergence of buds along the entire stalk.

Along the seasons - Spring


Side shot removal

Done mechanically or by hand, this stage consists of removing the unproductive side-shoots, also known as “suckers”, that sprout on the lower part and base of the vine.

Bud prunning

The double buds on the stalks and excess suckers on the head of the vines are removed in order to keep the foliage thinned out during the summer months.

Along the seasons - Summer



This consists of lifting up the branches and attaching them across 2 wires so as to create uniform leaf exposure.
The tips of the branches are then trimmed above the top trellis wire in a first round, then later on the sides when the foliage becomes denser.
Several rounds of trimming may be required depending on how vigorously the vine grows.


Treatment is done from May through the end of July to stamp out fungal diseases (mildew, “powdery mildew”, Gray Mold). The number of treatments depends on the climate conditions. If the weather is favourable, there is less risk of disease.

Along the seasons - Automn


Grape harvest

Beginning in early September, samplings are taken to monitor changes in the maturation of the grapes. This stage is reached 100 days after flowering, which takes place in June. Harvesting usually begins in mid-September for the Alsatian sparkling wines, followed by the AOC and Grand Cru varieties.